"When the Ikebana artist completes the artwork, at that very moment the art will have completed its mission, and it dies away in a few hours or days. The beauty of Ikebana art is short-lived. The sharp senses of each creative Ikebana artist are dedicated to creating designs that will make plants even more beautiful  than their natural form"

Shozo Sato - Ikebana artist

Nathan Kunigami

Kokuga is a Lisbon based flower studio created by Nathan Kunigami.

Half Brazilian and half Japanese, Nathan was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. His relationship with Japanese culture begins at an early age, but it wouldn’t have a stronger influence on his life before his first trip to Japan in 2017. He has always had a strong affinity to flower arrangements, though, since his mother used to study and practice Ikebana. In 2017 he then decided to study Ikebana himself with a Japanese flower artist in Tokyo.

In 2018 Nathan decided to quit his corporate job and fully dedicate himself to his passion. During a three month sabbatical in San Francisco, California, Nathan had the opportunity to collaborate with two local flower studios, before finally moving to Portugal. 

Kokuga is Nathan's homage to his Japanese background since this is his original family name.

Contato: info@kokuga.com.br